Wellbeing Week Update

Today was a busy day in school for Wellbeing Week.

Third year Geography students watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ documentary on Netflix.

Our Diversity Lounge groups met at lunchtime and we had a whole school drop and colour in the morning.

Thank you to Ms O’Keffee and her 2nd year Home Economics class for providing delicious smoothie samples. They produced over 500 in total!!

The day finished on a nice note when we had a whole school Kahoot quiz organised by Ms Horgan and Ms Cronin.

Congratulations to our Joke of the Day winner Niamh Ryan of 3rd year-“Why are penguins so good at motor racing? Because they’re always in pole position!”

Finally a huge thank you to our LCA class who took responsibility for our Wellbeing Board this year. There was a lot of work went into organising this and credit must also go to Mr Fennessy, Ms McGrath and Ms Prendergast.