At BCS we encourage all students to participate in extra-curricular musical activities. These are open to all student years and not confined to those taking music as a subject.


This is held every Friday at lunchtime in the music room. Claire Lane & Fiona Tobin are the musical directors. Students learn to sing in unison and harmony. They learn the importance of teamwork and they are taught the fundamentals of good vocal projection through warm-ups, rehearsal and performance. There is a sense of pride in participating in the school choir as this ensemble are often called upon to represent the school at functions such as the open night, the awards night and school masses.

Crash ensemble:

This group meet weekly on a Tuesday at lunchtime in the music room. This initiative was set up by Brendan McCarthy PME2 student. Any instrumentalist is welcome to come together and ‘jam’ lots of different genres of music. Instruments range from traditional Irish to pop/rock with a helping of classical thrown in. The ensemble debuted this October at the open night and were a huge success.

Traditional Irish group:

At BCS we are very fortunate to have a large cohort of students that play Irish music. This is an ad-hoc group that come together to rehearse when they are required to perform on occasions such as the open night and school concerts and masses. The instruments range from tin whistles, fiddles, concertinas, uilleann pipes, guitars and bodhrán.