Our Cairde are a group of 5th Year students that work very closely with the 1st Year students, the 1st Year Year-Head and 1st Year Tutors. They are a large part of our student leadership group and student wellbeing structures in our school as their role is to support our 1st Year students during their transition from primary to secondary school.

The Cairde form a key part of our 1st Year Induction Day as they guide and support the new incoming students to become familiar with their new school and the day-to-day life of students in BCS. In the first few weeks, the Cairde regularly meet with 1st Year students and help to ensure that they are organised for classes and settling well into school life. As the year progresses, the Cairde organise and participate in many activities with the 1st Years to ensure they are happy, safe and settled in at BCS. Among these activities are class quizzes, lunchtime leagues, novelty games and they also accompany our 1st Years on school trips. Our Cairde also help during major school events such as the Open Night and Parent Teacher Meetings.

Cairde are selected at the end of Transition Year through an application and interview process. The selected group then receive training on the role of a Cara and how they can help incoming students throughout their first year in secondary school.