The development of Spirituality is at the heart of Blackwater Community School. Within this context, the chaplain endeavours to be a person of faith, committed to the values of Christ, who works in partnership with all those involved in the educational process – students, staff, parents and the local Church – to try to accompany each person on their journey through life.

Supporting students:

  • Individual work.
  • Time for personal prayer.
  • School retreats
  • Class liturgies
  • Discovering their vocation in life
  • Shaping and sharing of important questions.

Supporting staff:

  • Reflection/retreats
  • Sharing of resources.
  • Development of school ethos.
  • Sharing and shaping of school policies.

Supporting parents:

  • Sharing of information regarding the faith development of their daughters/sons.
  • Providing opportunities to parents to actively contribute to the on-going development of the chaplaincy team in the school.

Supporting the local church:

  • Sharing of information regarding parish/diocesan initiatives.
  • Encouraging the students to make an active contribution to their local parishes.

My hope is that as we work collaboratively, creating opportunities for growth and hope we will all realize:

‘We are not alone in our loneliness
Others have been here and have known
Grief we thought our special own
Problems that we could not solve

Pleasures that we missed by inches…’

Patrick Kavanagh:
‘Thank you, Thank you’

Ms Caroline Flynn