Wellbeing Week Day 5

Our last day of Wellbeing Week was jam packed full of activity.

We had Walk in Our Shoes/1000km challenge which saw many of our students hit the roads around Lismore. The target was smashed and is currently at 1,232km with a few late entries still to come in. Thank you to all the teachers who facilitated this, to the 2nd years and TYs who did the majority of the walking and to Mr McCarthy for coordinating it all.

Our 5th year Music students explored music therapy with Ms Laine and the many benefits associated with it.

Our 1B and 1D class and a fiercely fought tug of war competition in PE with Mr Foley and Mr O’Connell.

Our first and second year Art students did some Jackson Pollock inspired ‘action painting’ while listening to music with Ms Leahy.

Our non-uniform day raised €800 euro for two worthy charities, St Patrick’s and Pieta House.

Great fun was had during junior lunch when we had a teacher v student food challenge run by Ms O’Keeffe. Staff won the Challenges 3-Nil! Challenges were filling Food Pyramid in fastest time and blindfolded Food tasting to test knowledge of fruit & veg!

Ms Murphy did a second whole school meditation which challenged students to really consider when they are most content.

Our Joke of the Day winner was Caoimhe Reynolds 6th Year
“What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?….Dam”
Thank you to all the entrants and I know Mr Murray had a hard job picking out a winner every day.

We finished the day by watching a very entertaining interview from the Tommy Tiernan show. Tommy was interviewing James Leonard who had some key messages we were all able to take something from.

Thank you to everyone for making the week so enjoyable for all students and staff.