TY visit by MEP Billy Kelleher

On Thursday the 23rd of February BCS transition year students were visited by Billy Kelleher, Fianna Fil member and MEP for Ireland South. The TY’s had recently covered the European Union in their relative history classes and were eager to hear from someone who had experienced first-hand where it’s importance lies. Kelleher began by giving an overview of his role as an MEPsome background into how their debates work, travel opportunities and life in the EU. He then continued to speak about some pressing topics, especially for this generation. Such as ; Brexit, Covid-19, the Climate Crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war. He exuded passion and hope for the future, which definitely rubbed off on the attending students. Soon the questions were flowing. He was interrogated on nuclear energy, the effects of new animal transport regulations, sports teams, and his favourite Ukrainian foods. However, I feel his answer to the question, “How can students interested in politics begin to get involved in that career path?”, would be the most valuable to know. Kelleher informed us that all you need to begin with an interest in politics as a whole, and keep yourself updated on the important events occurring around you. You don’t necessarily have to pursue a career in the field, but he recommended that everyone should at least educate themselves on it. I think its safe to say he sparked a lot of interest in the students, and possibly encouraged more young people to pursue a position in politics or working in the European Union.  
By Derval Gibney-Sheridan