Religious Education

Our school is an amalgamation of 3 Catholic Voluntary Schools with Mercy, Presentation and CBS traditions. The syllabi provide students with a framework for understanding the variety of religious traditions in Ireland and elsewhere. It offers opportunities to develop an informed and critical understanding of the Christian tradition and seeks to develop in students the skills needed to engage in meaningful dialogue with those of other, or of no, religious traditions. Religion is studied by students of all religions and none. It is a non-exam subject at Junior and Senior Level in the school.

Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle Religious Education focuses on developing knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values to enable young people to come to an understanding of religion and its relevance to life, relationships, society and the wider world. The course is built around three interconnecting strands: Exploring Beliefs, Exploring Questions and Living our Values.

Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate Religious Education:

  • offers continuity and progression from the Junior Certificate programme.
  • fosters an awareness that the human search for meaning is common to all peoples of all ages and at all times.
  • explores how this search for meaning has found, and continues to find, expression in religion.
  • identifies how understandings of God, religious traditions, and in particular the Christian tradition, have contributed to the culture in which we live, and how they
  • continue to have an impact on personal lifestyle, inter-personal relationships, and relationships between individuals and their communities and contexts.
  • appreciates the richness of religious traditions and acknowledges the non-religious interpretation of life.
  • contributes to the spiritual and moral development of the student.