PE Week 4

As we enter Week 4, we encourage all our students/staff/parents to ensure you are getting a break from screens, spending time outside and getting some form of exercise.

For our students, it is very important that you use your PE scheduled time for physical activity and not a chance to catch up on work/watch TV etc. Use some of the ideas attached and keep in contact with your PE teacher for further information.

1. Try some Yoga with Adriene. This is a perfect starting point for anyone who hasn’t tried yoga and provides endless beginner level classes, starting with gentle 20-minute introductory routines.

2. Try the Operation Transformation Minimum Fitness Test. Remember – this test is designed to show whether or not you fit within the minimum standards of physical fitness. If you don’t pass on the first attempt, keep using the OT exercise plan to improve your strength and fitness and try again in a few weeks.

3. Check out Sport Ireland ‘Keep well campaign’. The Keep Well campaign is aimed at showing people of all ages how we can mind our own physical and mental health and wellbeing by adding healthy and helpful habits to our daily and weekly routines. The previously mentioned 21 Day Walking Challenge is part of this campaign. Check out these videos which are suitable for children with Autism Check out for more.

4. Use your PE time for Couch to 5k training. The event will be happening in two weeks. Remember to download the Strava App to record activity and to join the Blackwater Community School Strava Club.

5. Try a PE Class with Joe Wicks. There are live classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. You can also watch back previous classes. Please see his channel here

6. Fancy as HITT session? Get a good workout in a short space of time.