Download: Frequently Asked Maths Questions

Mathematics is an essential tool in the world today. Every career uses some sort of mathematics, whether you are an architect, carpenter, doctor, or hairdresser. Mathematics teaches you to think logically and to organize your thoughts. Being numerate, having the ability to problem-solve and being able to order thoughts, come up with a strategy to solve a challenge are hugely important skills in modern society.

Mathematics is a core subject in Blackwater Community School. It is offered at Higher and Ordinary level at both Junior and Leaving Certificate. It is a Common Level course for all students in first year. This gives every student an opportunity to achieve their best, no matter what their previous experiences of maths are. In second year, students opt for ordinary or higher-level maths.
In Transition Year, maths is offered at both higher and ordinary level. Students get the opportunity to sample the leaving certificate maths course during the year. Students also get involved in maths projects like budgeting for honeymoon or planning a weeks worth of family meals on a given amount of money.

In Fifth and Sixth years, maths is available at all levels.

The New Junior Cycle Maths course has been introduced and we now have Classroom Based Assessments in 2nd and 3rd year. A Mathematical Investigation CBA takes place in 2nd year and a Statistical Investigation in 3rd Year. The aim of junior cycle mathematics is to provide relevant and challenging opportunities for all students to become mathematically proficient so that they can cope with the mathematical challenges of daily life.