Download: Frequently Asked Maths Questions

Maths is an essential tool in the world today. Every career uses some sort of maths, whether you are an architect, carpenter, doctor or hairdresser. Maths teaches you to think logically and to organize your thoughts. Being numerate and able to problem-solve are hugely important skills in modern society.

Maths is a core subject in Blackwater Community School. It is offered at Higher and Ordinary level at both Junior and Leaving Certificate. It is a common level course for all students in first year. This gives every student an opportunity to achieve their best, no matter what their previous experiences of maths are. In second year, students opt for ordinary or higher level maths.

In Transition Year, maths is offered at both higher and ordinary level. Students get the opportunity to sample the leaving certificate maths course during the course of the year. They also get involved in maths projects such as developing games which can be used with 1st/2nd year students.

In Fifth and Sixth years, maths is available at all levels.

Project maths is now being taught throughout the school. The aim of project maths is to give students a greater understanding of mathematical operations, rather than rote learning a method. It looks at problems in the real world and students learn how they can use their maths skills to overcome these problems. Problem solving is one of the main objectives of the project maths course.

In recent years the New Junior Cycle Maths course has been introduced. The aim of junior cycle mathematics is to provide relevant and challenging opportunities for all students to become mathematically proficient so that they can cope with the mathematical challenges of daily life.