Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

LCA is an established programme in BCS since 2003. It has been very successful for our pupils over the years and has allowed them to take up apprenticeships and PLC courses after school where they have achieved 3rd level qualifications. Pupils create good employment contacts during their weekly work experience which has proved invaluable after school. Pupils greatly benefit from small class sizes and continual assessment format.

What is the Leaving Certificate Applied?

Leaving Certificate Applied is a two-year Leaving Certificate Programme, aimed at preparing pupils for adult and working life. It provides pupils with a varied range of subjects which will give them practical and certified qualifications. It emphasises forms of achievement and excellence which the established Leaving Cert has not recognised in the past.

What is the advantage of the Leaving Certificate Applied?

The advantage of Leaving Certificate Applied is that it focuses on the talents of each individual student and helps students apply what they learn in the real world. The two-year programme consists of four half-year blocks called Sessions and achievements are credited in each of these Sessions. Therefore, pupils have continual assessment towards their final qualification.

How Do I Enter the Course?

After Easter in third year, students are given information about Leaving Certificate Applied and Application forms are filled in. An information night for parents is held in conjunction with the Senior Options Information Night. An interview then follows.

Do students have a choice within the Leaving Certificate Applied?

Each course consists of a number of modules. A module generally represents a half-year’s work and there is provision for some choice of modules.  Choice also exists in relation to Vocational Specialisms, which are changed yearly depending on the group. This years specialisms are Technology and Agriculture/ Horticulture. Pupils carry out practical tasks which are assessed by interview by the Department of Education twice a year.

Do Leaving Certificate Applied students receive a Leaving Certificate?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the programme will receive a Leaving Certificate from the State Examinations Commission. All credits awarded will be recorded on the Leaving Certificate Applied parchment.