• To develop students’ competence in the four essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language.
  • To develop the students’ awareness of language as a system of communication.
  • To enable students to engage in meaningful transactions and interactions with others using the target language.
  • To develop the students’ awareness of France and its distinctive culture and thereby, contribute to students forming a more objective perspective on their own culture.
  • To provide students with access to sources of information, cultural enrichment and entertainment through the target language.
  • To encourage students to participate in social and cultural activities which may involve some use of the target language.
  • To encourage students to take up job and further education/training opportunities which may involve some use of the target language.
  • To give pupils the kind of language learning experience that will encourage and facilitate their learning of further languages.
  • To contribute to the students’ overall personal and social development through the above points.

1st Year:

French or German is a compulsory subject for all 1st Year students, other than for those who qualify for Learning Support classes. BCS provides a Taster System to incoming 1st Years, whereby students sample French for 3 weeks and then sample German for the same period. At the end of this period, students choose either French or German and continue with their chosen subject for the rest of the year.

Junior Cycle:

French is an optional subject after 1st Year. Classes are mixed ability in Junior Cycle and the new Junior Cycle exam is a Common Level exam which accounts for 90% of the overall Junior Cert grade. During 2nd & 3rd Year students complete two Class-Based Assessments (CBAs) and an Assessment Task which accounts for 10% of the overall Junior Cert grade.

Transition Year:

All students who completed the Junior Cycle French exam, will be obliged to study French in Transition Year. During Transition Year students get the opportunity to focus on many cultural aspects of France by studying French speaking countries, French films, French music, French history, French festivals etc. A variety of assessments are used including research & project work and presentations.

Senior Cycle:

French is an optional subject at Senior Cycle and classes are mixed ability. The Leaving Cert exam is available at both Higher and Ordinary level with marks awarded for each of the following four components: speaking, listening, reading comprehension and written production.

Links with France:

  • Pen-Pal Programme between BCS 1st and 2nd Year students and students in Bonnat and Bordeaux, France.
  • School Exchange Programme for 5th Year students: 5th Year students have the option of taking part in an exchange programme with our partner school, Lycée Saint-Martin in Rennes. This is an excellent opportunity for students to be immersed in the language and to gain an invaluable cultural experience. BCS students and their families host students from Lycée Saint-Martin for a period of 8-12 days and then travel to France for a period of 10-14 days. While in France, they experience school life with their partners, a walking tour of the city of Rennes and they also take part in various activities organised by the host-families. A day trip to the coast and an exploration of Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel is also included. Students also take part in a tour to Paris.