Subject aims:

CSPE aims to make students aware of the civic, social and political dimensions of their lives. To give them a sense of belonging and to give them a capacity to gain access to information and structures relating to the society in which they live. We also aim to give them the ability and confidence to participate in a democratic society.

Subject objectives:

The objectives of CSPE are outlined in terms of:

  • Knowledge
  • Concepts
  • Skills
  • Attitudes / Values.

An appropriate vehicle for the achievement of these objectives within C.S.P.E. is active participatory class – work where the emphasis is on learning by doing.

Course Content:

Strand 1: Rights and responsibilities

Active citizenship, communities
Human Dignity and basic needs (homelessness, bullying, refugees and asylum seekers)
Understanding human rights
The rights of children

Strand 2: Global Citizenship

Development and equality in Ireland
Development and global citizenship
Global citizenship and the natural environment (climate change)

Strand 3: Exploring Democracy

Democracy in Ireland
Law and citizenship
The media


There is no Junior cycle exam at the end of third year. Assessments will be carried out through a series of individual and group projects relating to different issues.