Chaplain Message

My dear friends,
As we contemplate the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, we cannot ignore the reality of our world today, especially in the Holy Land where conflict and strife persist. If Joseph and Mary were to undertake this journey in such turbulent times, it would undoubtedly be filled with immense challenges and uncertainties.
In the midst of war, the path to Bethlehem would likely be riddled with danger and hardship. Joseph and Mary would encounter obstacles, fear, and the harsh realities of conflict. They would navigate through territories marked by division, seeking safety and refuge for themselves and their unborn child.
We, too, in our own troubled world, can draw inspiration from the difficult journeys faced by our holy ancestors. We can recognize that even in the midst of strife, the presence of God remains. Times of conflict call us to hold fast to our faith, to extend love and compassion to those affected by violence, and to tirelessly work towards peace, justice, and reconciliation.
Let us remember that the true journey to Bethlehem is not simply a physical one, but a journey of the heart—a journey towards encountering the Christ child who brings hope and salvation to all. Regardless of the circumstances that surround us, whether in times of peace or amidst conflict, let us fix our eyes upon the manger in Bethlehem and find peace in the knowledge that Christ’s light still shines in the darkest corners of our world.
May God grant His peace to the Holy Land and to all places ravaged by conflict, and may He guide us as we strive to be bearers of His peace in our own lives and communities. Peace be with you all.
Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ
Wishing all members of Blackwater Community School and their families a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.