BCS Virtual 5K

A huge thank you to all those who completed the first ever BCS Couch to 5K Event. It was great to see so many of you active during the last week, with a big surge in entries today.

The goal for you all now should be to maintain the good habits that you have started. Physical activity has huge potential to enhance our wellbeing and every little bit you do throughout the day all adds up.

For those who walked their 5K, your next goal should be to try and run one. For those who ran it, can you try and improve on your time or look to do a 10K or even a half marathon?

There are many virtual events happening during lockdown, with many charities using these as fundraisers. Signing up to these events can be great motivation to get out and train when you just don’t feel like it. Have a look at some of the following websites for inspiration:





The final leaderboard for the BCS Couch to 5K saw some positional changes from this morning.

1. BCS Staff
2. Parents and Family of students
3. 1st Years
4. 2nd Years (beaten by 1st years by just 2 entries!)
5. TYs
6. 5th Years
7. 6th Years
8. 3rd Years/Members of the Community

Everyone who entered will now be in with a chance of winning an Elverys voucher. The draw will take place during the week and results posted on the School App. Well done to everyone again and thank you for your participation.