What is Accounting?

It is the preparation and study of financial information. It is a subject available to Leaving Cert students. Basic accounting is covered in the Junior Cert Business Studies Course.

Why choose Accounting?

The study of Accounting opens multiple job opportunities from Basic Bookkeeping to Auditing. There is constant growth in accounting related jobs. Higher Level Accounting is of a similar level to Second Year Accounting in college and provides a great foundation for progression in financial courses in third level.

I didn’t study Business Studies at Junior Cert. Can I still study Accounting at Leaving Cert?

Yes but this would prove to be very difficult because of the lack of basics provided by Junior Cert Business Studies.

What will I study?

Financial Accounts: Trading, Profit and Loss, Appropriation, Cash flow, Ratios, Incomplete Records, Tabulation and Statements.
Management Accounts: Budgets and Costings

Possible Career Paths:

Auditing, Management, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking, Financial Services Sector, Economists, Insurance, Teaching, Researcher (T.V. and Politics), Journalist, Management, Self-Employment or Local Government.