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Junior & Leaving Cert Exams

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A Mass  for all Junior and Leaving Cert students will take place in school on Wednesday  morning June 4th  at 8.30 am as they begin the state exams on that day. All students and their Parents/guardians are invited to attend.

All associated with Blackwater Community School wish the exam students the very best of luck over the coming weeks.

School Prospectus

The latest school prospectus and the application forms for Blackwater Community School are now available to download online.

For further information please visit the download page here

BCS News 12th May

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School Trips

Well done to our transition years who had a very active three days at Blackwater Outdoor Adventure  Centre in Castletownroche last week. The activities involved a wide range of tasks on land and in water and allowed them to sleep both in outdoor tents and in the onsite accommodation. The trip also forms part of their Gaisce award  tasks.  The first years along with many of their Cairde students  headed off to Alton Towers Theme Park last Friday and had a great day of thrills  and adrenaline seeking rides.  The LCA  sixth year group also travelled to Alton Towers on the same day. The third years head to Castletownroche on Wednesday while the second years travel to Cork on Friday.

Writing Competition

Well done to first year student Alyson Martin

who recently won a writing competition based

on a letter she wrote to Grace entitled Dear Grace.

This competition was sponsored by

The Grace Nolan Foundation and 14 of these letters

will be published in the near future.



BCS French Exchange 2013/2014

The date had finally arrived, the 18th of March. The month’s wait was over and our group of 12 5th year students along with our leader Margo Cashman were finally making the long-awaited journey to Rennes, France. As we began our journey to Cork airport our excitement began to kick in, but it also came with a realisation that we would have to speak French for the next 10 days, what a shock to the system this would be! We flew from Cork to the Charles De Gaulles airport in Paris, where we then took the infamous TGV to Rennes. The constant hum of the French language both at the airport and on the TGV was daunting to say the least! We chatted non-stop about the exciting 10 days that were ahead of us.

On our arrival at Rennes, we were met with a flurry of hugs and ‘bisous’ by our French correspondents and their families, most of whom we hadn’t seen in a month and a half. We travelled back to our correspondents’ houses and I can speak for all the Irish students when I say we fell asleep as soon as our heads touched our pillows that night!

The following morning we travelled by various means of bus and métro to Lycée Saint Martin, our adoptive school for the duration of our stay. We met with our co-ordinator Monsieur Février, who was very helpful to us with any issues we had throughout the duration of our trip. Over the next few days we settled into our host-homes and adjusted to the new language. We attempted to break the language barrier, which came quite easily to us, thank God!

We quickly settled in to life as a ‘lycéen’ in the French secondary school, participating in classes and eating our lunch in the school canteen or ‘self’.  What shocked us the most about their school day was that it began at 8 o clock every morning and finished at 6. We couldn’t believe that the students were given nearly two hours for their lunch every day and were even given a three-course meal. We experienced the famous French cuisine both in town at lunch and at our homes, and what a fantastic experience it was! If we were to encourage anyone to take part in this French exchange programme, the food should be the main attraction!

We were very fortunate during our trip to visit beautiful sites such as Saint Malo and the infamous Mont Saint Michel. We also took part in many cultural activities, such as crêpe-making and learning a traditional Breton dance. For the duration of our trip we were joined by another exchange group from Algeria, so it was very interesting to discover their culture too.

La crème de la crème of our amazing trip was definitely our trip to Paris. On Thursday morning we gathered at the train station and said our final good-byes to our families. We travelled by TGV once again to Paris where we began our day of touristic duties. Our first visit was to the Eiffel Tower. It’s not just any Thursday morning you’d be standing atop of the Eiffel Tower with such a great group of friends. We then took a boat down the River Seine where we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, before making our way to the Louvre to meet the ever-famous Mona Lisa for a quick selfie! After, we walked up the incredible Champs-Élysées. The magnificent Arc De Triomphe lay before us. To conclude our trip we had a meal in a typically French restaurant alongside the magically lit-up Eiffel Tower.

As we walked reluctantly back to the hotel, we began to reminisce on the fantastic experience which had been the last ten days. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have been given this opportunity and realised how much our French had benefited from our trip. It was the trip of a lifetime and one we would never forget. ( By Sarah Coughlan and Hannah Houlihan )

First year Blitz

Congratulations to our First Year Girls Football team who were winners in the group blitz that took place in Mallow last week.

Congratulations John and Harriet

Congratulations to our two Leaving Certificate students John Ring and Harriet Bennett Lenane who both achieved the maximum of 625 points.


BCS News 5th May

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Transition Years reflect on a busy Year

A Year in the Life of a Transition Year Student

I am now nearly finished Transition Year. It has been a good experience. When I was in third year I was between to minds wether I would do it or not. I have done lots of fun activities in Transition Year.

The first activity we did was went canoeing in Tourin, a walk around castle gardens and treasure hunt in Lismore. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. On the 24th September we got a choice whether we would go to the Ploughing Championships in Laois. I was going to go as I love going to the ploughing. For the three days that it was on, seventy thousand people turned each day.

We went to a careers open day in Co Cork. I found that very interesting. I saw all the different collage you can go to. I did not realize there are so many collages you can actually go to. We had a business presentation before Christmas. It was where you had research an entrepreneur of your choice with a group people.

We had to do a PowerPoint presentation on them. We had to dress up as business person as well. We also went ice skating in Cork. It was really good fun because I never did ice skating was something new.

We had to choose three placements of work experience. I went to agriculture office, Lismore Vets and a dairy farm. The first place I went to was the agriculture office. I was a bit nervous at the start but I really enjoyed as well. After Christmas I went to Lismore vets. I really enjoyed that as I love working with animals and staff were really good to me. The last place I went to was a big Dairy Farm. I am used to a small farm so this was new to me. I really enjoyed working on the farm because there was a lot to do there.

I have really enjoyed Transition Year. I was glad I did it because I have an idea of what I want to after school with the work experience. ( by Aisling Prendergast)


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