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BCS News Oct 21st 2014

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BCS see off  St Flannans at Kilmallock

Tom Barrons goal after two minutes for Blackwater opened the scoring in this game and from there on there was only going to be one winner . Shane Bennett added three points two from placed balls before Flannans corner forward Aidan Kennedy opened his sides account . Blackwater  led 1-9 to 0-4 at half time. Colm Roche who was excellent throughout put the game beyond doubt with a goal on the 52nd minute his contribution of 1-10 with one seven from play was the real difference between the teams. Flannans fought bravely and in free taker and full forward Sean Kennedy  who scored five points from placed balls they had a reliable score getter. Blackwater face Thurles next in a months time and with both schools having had comfortable wins against the Clare school it should be a close contest. Blackwater had good performers in man of the match Colm Roche, Tom Barron and Jordan Henley. Scorers: Colm Roche 1-10 3f, Tom Barron 1-2, Shane Bennett 0-42f2 65, Andrew Casey 0-2, Stephen Mangan 0-1,Jordan Henley 0-1, Jack Pendergast  0-1, Jake Neville 0-1

TEAMS:Rory Galvin ( St Catherines), Cathal Geary ( Ballyduff Upper) , David Prendergast ( Lismore ) , Jack Tobin ( Tallow ), Eoin O Brien ( Ballyduff Upper) , Colm Roche (Shamrocks), Jordan Henley ( Tallow) , Andy Molumby ( Cappoquin ), Stephen Mangan( Ballysaggart ) , Jake Beecher( Tallow) , Jake Neville( Tallow), Shane Bennett( Ballysaggart ), Andrew Casey ( Ballyduff Upper),  Denis Mc Donagh ( Ballyduff Upper),Tom Barron (Fourmilewater),

SUBS used : Jack Prendergast( Lismore ), Dylan Mangan ( Tallow), Ryan Grey( Tallow)


Transition Year Buzz

Students  outline  how Ty is going so far

Induction Day:

Transition Year has been brilliant so far but one of the best things I think we have done was the activities we did on the Induction Day. On Induction Day we did activities including kayaking and learning about Lismore Castle. I liked the kayaking because we got to drift along a nice peaceful spot linking Lismore to Cappoquin. We set off at from a place near Lismore Bridge and we had great fun along the way, even though we might have gotten a bit wet, it was a very enjoyable part of the day. I especially liked it because I had never been kayaking before. I also found Lismore Castle interesting because we learned about the gardens and the history of the castle. We also looked at the works of art in the castle which were very well done and very intriguing. I found the whole experience very enjoyable and interesting.

Ardmore Trip:

I found the trip to Ardmore very interesting because of the cliff walk. I really liked the walk because we got to see the lovely view of the cliffs and of the crane wreck on the edge of the coast. It was a beautiful sight. We also went to the Round Tower. I liked the look of the tower because it was very big and there was no door because people entered through the window.

Home Economics:

This year I am doing home economics and I have never done it before. Since the start of the year I have learned how to sew, knit, and make stir fry, scones and cookies. I was surprised how fun and quick it was to make these types of food and we also learned what could go wrong while in the process of making a dish. For example when you put too much flour in the cookie mix it will crumble in your hands and you will not be able to make the shape of the cookie. I have really enjoyed doing this subject and I have a pillow cover to show what I have learned and can accomplish.

Career Options Trip:

Another very enjoyable day in Transition Year was the career options day trip. This was when representatives from lots of different colleges went to the Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork to tell people about what kind of courses are available in those colleges. I focused on the engineering side of the trip and I found some courses that I am very interested in from C.I.T and W.I.T. I also found some courses that I am interested in for construction and I think I can achieve the goal of getting the necessary points for them. I found this trip very interesting and extremely beneficial. ( by Keith Hickey)

Ty Activities by Jack Hickey

Induction day.

On our first day of transition year we went on an induction day which involved a kayaking session on the Blackwater  river from Lismore to Cappaquin and also a treasure hunt around the castle in Lismore and also around the town itself. I found the kayaking extremely enjoyable as it was a lovely day and I was with my friends having a laugh while doing it which I thought I would hate because I’m afraid of water but I actually loved it.


We started our E.C.D.L course in our second week in school and I found this very interesting as I learned plenty of things about computers that I didn’t know and that was only in the first week so I have much more to learn over the course of the school year

Pilgrimage to Ardmore.

We went on a pilgrimage to Ardmore the day after our junior cert results, which involved doing the cliff walk around the cliffs and on to the round tower, also we had a mass for john, one of the pupils in our year who was forced to undergo surgery on the day of our pilgrimage so we prayed that all would go well for him.

Ploughing match.

On Tuesday the 23rd of September we went to the national ploughing championships in co. Laois and I have to say that this was one of the highlights of my transition year so far, as I am from a farming background I had an interest in the machines and trade stands and so I found this day to be very enjoyable.


In home economics in our double class on Friday we have cooked many items such as scones, cookies, omelettes and a stir fry and I really liked this as I have never done home ec before and I liked to get a taste of the subject and learn about the ingredients and how to cook them. Also now we must prepare items for our cake sale next Friday so it should be interesting.


In history we have been doing the work of a historian by going home and researching our family history by using various sources and we had to present this in an essay form and then as a PowerPoint to the class. I enjoyed researching my family history but I did not like standing in front of the class but it has to be done.


In business we have had to interview a local entrepreneur and then write up all the information we gathered onto a PowerPoint presentation and show this to the class, again I liked finding out about an entrepreneur but I did not enjoy standing up and talking in front of the class.

Careers day.

We went to the careers exhibition in Rochestown in cork on the 14th of October to find out about various college courses available and this was an interesting day as I found out lots about my intended courses.

My TY Experience So Far ( by Laura Murray)

On the 1st of September this year, our TY experience began. We had an initiation day and for this we were split into three groups. I was in the first group and we went kayaking first. We kayaked from the castle, all the way to Cappoquin. It took around two hours and by the time we reached Twig Bog we were soaked to the skin. After lunch we swapped with group 2 and went down to Lismore Castle. There, we looked around the gallery and were given a sheet with questions and we had to go around the castle and it’s gardens to find the answers. After lunch we had the third and final activity. This was a treasure hunt around Lismore where we had to answer lots of questions by going to various places around the town searching for the answers. The first team of four to make it back to the school with the most answers correct were the winners. Although my team didn’t win, it was still very enjoyable.

On Thursday the 11th of September we had our first outing. It was the day after the junior cert results and we headed off on a pilgrimage around Ardmore. We first did a walk around the cliffs and, after lunch we had a mass by St. Declan’s well. We dedicated our mass to our classmate John who was having surgery that day. Fr Cullinan said the mass, there were readings by teachers and students and there were also a few songs from some TY students.

On Tuesday the 23rd of September we had our second TY outing. We attended the National Ploughing Championships in Co. Laois. We left at 6 o’clock in the morning and didn’t get back until 6 pm! It was a very enjoyable day regardless of the tiredness and the weather was fine too. There were many famous people there that I saw such as Michael D Higgins, Robert Kearney, Kevin Dunden and many others. There were hundreds of stalls to see and an amusements park nearby. This was personally my favourite TY experiences so far this year.

An optional activity that I chose to take part in was the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. Since I came back to school in September I had been working on my proposal. This is a 500 word essay that is sent off to the Young Scientist where they will either accept or reject it. If it is accepted, myself and my partner will be able to attend the exhibition in early January in the RDS. Our project was all about the two muscle fibre types, their compatibility with various sports and if people choose the sport their muscle fibre type would suggest they would be better at.

Transition Year so far..

My name is Rachel Delaney. I am only 5 weeks into Transition year and already I have packed a lot of activities.The following is a list of activities I have done so far:

Introductory day:

On the 1st of September we had what is called an introductory day for all the Transition year students. We were split into groups. My first group activity was kayaking down the river Blackwater which was from Lismore to Cappoquin. Our 2nd activity was a treasure hunt around the castle garden and we also got to have a look around the castle gallery. Our final activity of the day was a town trail. We had to find different clues around Lismore to get our answers.

Ardmore Pilgrimage:

On the 11th of September we went to Ardmore on a Pilgrimage. We walked St. Declan’s walk. It was a really good sunny day for it. After, we had a ceremony by the ruins of the church at the start of the walk. We said prayers for John Kenefick who had to have an operation. Thankfully the operation was a success.

Home Economics:

On Friday 11th of September we started making our cushions. But first we had to think of a design that we wanted on the front of our cushion. I had to knit the wool for my sheep design and also choose the right backing for it. Eventually, after all my hand work I finished my cushion on Friday the 10th of October.


On the 16th of September we signed up to the ecdl website. I started my diagnostic exam last Wednesday and I am almost done now. But then I have to do the proper ecdl exam soon.

Ploughing championships:

On the 23rd of September we went to Laois for the National Ploughing Championships. We had to be at the school for 6 o’clock in the morning. We didn't get there until 9:30. We walked up and down many times and looked at mostly every stall. We got back on the bus at 3:00 as we then had to start making our way home. We got back to Lismore around 6:30.



For science we had to research a famous physicist. My chosen physicist was Marie Curie. The work had to be given to our science teacher Mrs. Taaffe on the 8th of October.


Business Presentation:

For business we had to do a presentation on an entrepreneur of our choice.  Mona Condon and I did it on Eamonn Longeran who owns Knockanore Cheese. We had six weeks to get the presentation organised. On the 9th of October we had to exhibit our presentation to the class. I must say I was very nervous but I was happy with what we had done.


For history we had to find out information about our family history. I did my family history on my great granddad Thomas Nicholson who fought in the First World War in the British Army. We would send the information that we found to our history teacher Mrs. McCarthy. I had to present it to on Friday the 16th of October. I was happy with my presentation.



Best of luck to our senior camogie and junior Ladies Football teams who are in action this week.

BCS News Oct 8th 2014

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Pope John Paul 11 Award

Last Friday 23 students attended the inaugural Waterford & Lismore Diocese presentation of medals in recognition of the work and activities carried out by students in their parish and local community.  BCS along with two other schools became the pilot schools for the Pope John Paul 11 medal awards  whereby students in transition year had to undertake  20 hours of parish commitment and 20 hours of community work and a presentation and the end of the year. Thanks to all who made the day very memorable and we owe a lot to our School Chaplain Caroline and to our extremely helpful mentors who all guided us throughout the year.



Harty Cup First Round

Last Wednesday BCS travelled to cahir to take on last years winners Ardscoil Rís in their opening match.  The Limerick team proved too strong for Blackwater as they  ran out winners on a score of  1-20 to 0 -9. The other match in our group saw  Thurles CBS emerging as comfortable winners over St Flannans.  BCS’s  next match is against St Flannans  on October 15th.Harty panel includes

Cian O Byrne (Modeligo), Rory Galvin ( St Catherines), Cathal Geary ( Ballyduff Upper) , Aaron Whelan ( Lismore ),  David Prendergast ( Lismore ) , Jack Tobin ( Tallow ), Colm Roche (Shamrocks), Adam Flynn( Lismore ), Jordan Henley ( Tallow) , Jack Roche ( Ballysaggart ), Andy Molumby ( Cappoquin ), Stephen Mangan( Ballysaggart ) , Dylan Mangan ( Tallow) , Shane Bennett( Ballysaggart ) , Jake Beecher( Tallow) , Denis Mc Donagh ( Ballyduff Upper), Michael Ryan ( Ballysaggart), Tom Barron (Fourmilewater), Eoin O Brien ( Ballyduff Upper) , Andrew Casey ( Ballyduff Upper) ,  Jack Prendergast( Lismore )  , Aaron O Sullivan( Cappoquin) , Tommy Mc Carthy( Cappoquin) ,  Eoghan Murray ( Cappoquin), Sam Ryan( Ballysaggart ) , Ryan Grey( Tallow) , Jake Neville( Tallow).

Cappoquin hurlers in Final

Best of luck to Cappoquin Intermediate team who take on St Saviours in the County Intermediate  hurling Final this weekend. Well done to Modeligo who captured the Junior Premier hurling Western final against Colligan last Sunday.

Junior Camogie

Well done to the Junior camogie team on winning  the Munster Camogie Blitz that took place last Wenesday.

Ladies Football

Best of luck to our Junior and Senior  Ladies Football teams who compete in their respective championships this week.

School Prospectus

The latest school prospectus and the application forms for Blackwater Community School are now available to download online.

For further information please visit the download page here

BCS News Sept 2014

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Blackwater Community School News  - September

New  term has Begun

Welcome back to all students to BCS as we begin our new term. Each year had a morning assembly with an address  from Mr Ring,School Principal  and  their respective Year  Heads. This years Year Heads are Ms Barrett (First Year), Ms Mc Craith (Second Year), Mr Dunlea(Third Year) , Ms Jeffery & Ms Mc Carthy ( Transition Year), Mr Heneghan(Fifth Year) and Ms O Neill (Sixth Year).  Fr Cullinan also attended assembly and had a prayer service with each group. We wish the very best to our first year students as they settle in to our school hoping they have many happy years with us.

Sixth Year debs

The debs graduation took place on Wednesday August 20th with a  reception in the John Treacy Hall hosted by The Parents’ Council  followed by  meal and music in the  Clonmel Park  Hotel . We wish them all the best as they now take on the next stage of their  career . The debs photos taken at the reception by Sean Byrne , photographer  are now available for collection at the school office during school hours.

Transition Year News

Out new group of TY students had an induction day on their first day of term. This involved a day of many team exercises and bonding activities  which was enjoyed by all.

Awards Night

Last Friday night saw the highlight of the September calendar in BCS with the  annual Academic & Scholarship Awards night. This is a great opportunity to say well done to all our exam students and wish them well in the future in the company of the students, their families, their patrons and teachers. Our guest speaker this year was Kevin MC Carthy, whose career  path has seen him being a teacher, a writer, an historian and an inspector . He congratulated all students for their success those present and those not present on having done so well through their exams. And as they embark now on their next path he wished them well and while they pursue their studies  to remember where they came from, to get involved in clubs and societies, to strive for excellence, to pursue their dream whatever it may be, to make a difference , to strive for justice, to travel and not to forget to come back and even be part of their own community  to keep them vibrant in the future. He was delighted to be in the company of such a great bunch of students and with their  patrons was delighted to present   awards to them on the night. Scholarship awards were presented then as follows

The Education Scholarship ,patron   Lismore & Cappoquin Credit Union was presented to  Shane Kenny.

The Actuarial Science  Scholarship ,patron  Board of management was presented to Brian Murphy. The Nutritional Science  Scholarship ,patron   Mr Michael Mc Grath was presented to Cathy Toomey. The Business  Scholarship ,patron   Kelleher’s Supervalu was presented to Cillian Cotter.

The Legal Studies Scholarship , patron Mr Neil Twomey was presented to Caoimhe Cotter

The Physiotherapy Scholarship, patron   Mr Jack Aherne was presented to Lucy O Brien

The Medical Scholarship, patron  Dr Barry Lordan was presented to Cathal Lee

The Kieran Fenton Memorial Scholarship for Dentistry, patron  Mary  Fenton Morrissey was presented to Eoghan Flynn

The John & Judy Ring Memorial Scholarship, patron  the Ring Family was presented to Shane Murray

The Kitty Luskin Memorial Scholarship for Nursing , patron The Luskin Family  was presented to Emma O Neill

The Eric Flynn Memorial Computer Science Scholarship, patron   The Flynn & Morrissey families was presented to  Cian Rath Cullimore

Gold Medal awards in each subject were presented

In English the Memorial  Tony Bolger/ Jack Mc Carthy Gold Medal , patron The Bolger and Mc Carthy Families  was presented to Cathy Toomey

In Art  the Gold Medal  , patron  Mr Arthur Maderson was presented to Lauren O Sullivan

In Chemistry the Gold Medal  , patron  Don & Michelle Hanrahan was presented to  Cathal Lee

In Physics  the Gold Medal  , patron Dr Noreen Barry was presented to Eoghan Flynn

In Design & Communication  Graphics  the Gold Medal  , patron  Printmaster was presented to Shane Murray

In  Business the Gold Medal  , patron  Richmond House was presented to Cillian Cotter

In Biology  the Gold Medal  , patron Mari Mina Pharmacy  was presented to Cathal Lee

In Music  the Gold Medal  , patron  Willie & Laura Roche was presented to Molly Twomey

In Social & Scientific the Gold Medal  , patron  Barrons Bakery was presented to Melanie O Connor

In Applied Maths the Gold Medal  , patron   Board of Management BCS was presented to Brian Coleman

In Construction Studies  the Gold Medal  , patron Mr  Michael O Leary, the Red House  was presented to Cian Leamy

In Engineering  the Gold Medal  , patron Parents Council BCS was presented to Desmond  Twomey

In Accounting the Gold Medal  , patron  Mr Tony Glavin was presented to Cillian Cotter

In  Agricultural Science the Gold Medal  , patron  Sean & Daphne Power was presented to Susan Williams

In History the Gold Medal  , patron  Mr Ollie Wilkinson  was presented to Nicole Lynch

In German the Gold Medal  , patron  Mr Joern Wiebe was presented to  Eoghan Flynn

In Geography the Gold Medal  , patron   Past Pupils Union was presented to Amy O Connell

In  French the Gold Medal  , patron  Mr Joern Wiebe was presented to Cathy Toomey

In Irish  the Gold Medal  , patron  Mrs Anne Fitzgerald was presented to Eoghan Flynn

In Maths  the Gold Medal  , patron  Board of Management was presented to Shane Murray

In L.C.V.P. the Gold Medal  , patron  Pollard Electrical & Communication was presented to  Karen Condon

In L.C.A. the Gold Medal  , patron  Mr Thomas Overlander was presented to Emma Murphy

The Gold Medal for Creativity   , patron Ms Orla  Flynn was presented to  Molly Twomey

Special awards were presented to Shane Moloney as overall student of the year with the Board of Management as its patron. The award  for Community Service  was presented  to Joan Bolger in recognition of the tireless work done in her local community. Maureen O Callaghan received  the award  for her Lifetime Contribution to School Life  and wish her well in retirement. Jakub Piatek, Cian Doyle and Benjamin Tyndall received the Student Community Service award. Emily Devine was presented with the Tom & Marie Cavanagh award as the highest achiever in Junior Cert 2014 and Cathal Lee received the Tom & Marie Cavanagh award as the highest achiever in Leaving  Cert 2014. The night finished on a high note with the presentation of the Hall of Fame award to Mr Kevin Mc Carthy  who was humbled by such an award  and he sincerely thanked all for it. Well done to all our award recipients and thanks to the sponsors for their great support of this award ceremony and lastly a special thanks to all who helped organise this great event under the co-ordination of Ms Melanie O Sullivan.


Junior Cert Results

Well done to all our Junior Certs who received their results last  Wednesday , they received great results  and we say well done to Emily Devine  who got 11 A’s, an achievement accomplished by only 139 students out of almost 60000 this year.

Ice Bucket

Well done to the four on the staff who participated in the Ice Bucket challenge last Friday, Mr Ring, Mr Geary, Mr Cronin and Mr O Connor.  To the students we sat a big thank you for your donation to MND as a result.  We look forward to seeing the next nominations!


Hurling News

Best of luck to our Harty Cup who face Árdscoil Rís in Clonmel on Wednesday in the opening game in their group.  Commiserations to the Dean Ryan team who were  defeated by a much stronger Rice Colleges  team last Wednesday. Congratulations to Cappoquin Intermediate Hurlers who  captured the Western title in a close encounter against Ballinameela last Sunday in Fraher Field.

Transition Years

All groups are settling into many of the activities that our Transition Year programme offers this year and last week they travelled to the Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska.

Titles come westwards

It has been an outstanding two weeks for hurling and camogie in two of the clubs in the area. Lismore have retained their  County Senior Camogie  title with a win over St Annes on Sunday  Sept 21st and their U16  team had a great win over Tramore/Butlerstown  last Sunday. Cappoquin Camogie  had a fantastic win over Ring in the Intermediate County final on Sunday Sept 21st and to top that success their Minor team had a great win over Gualtier last Sunday.

John Paul 11 Awards

On this  Friday Oct 3rd senior  students who completed the programme for the John Paul 2nd Awards  will travel to Waterford to receive their gold and silver medals at the award ceremony in  Tramore. The John Paul 11 awards  enables young people  in transition year  to take an active part in the life of their church and in the life of their community and society.

Congratulations John and Harriet

Congratulations to our two Leaving Certificate students John Ring and Harriet Bennett Lenane who both achieved the maximum of 625 points.


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