Covid-19 Response Plan

A number of initiatives have been introduced in line with Covid-19 restrictions and are being implemented in our school to ensure the safety of all within our school community. These include:

  • sanitising desks/chairs at beginning of class and at the beginning and the end of final class each day.
  • the increased use of a variety of entrances/exits.
  • different entry points for each year group.
  • students going directly to class in the mornings.
  • signage to allow for one-way movement along the corridors & exterior of the school building.
  • the staggered morning and lunch breaks.
  • adjustments to the layout of classrooms and corridors in terms of increased space.
  • polycarbonate desk protectors.
  • teachers having doors open at the beginning and end of class.

We ask that everyone continues to reinforce these practices and continually reinforce HSE guidelines re handwashing, sanitising and wearing masks.

HSE Guidelines & Advice

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